May 20, 2018

Hire a Power-BI Expert

Hire a Power-BI Expert  Just for $36 per hour !

Do you prefer developing Power-BI solution in-house with training and hand-off ? Worried about affordability of Power-BI based project? We have options that works best for your unique business requirement. You can hire our Power-BI experts with hourly rate as low as $36 which is the most competitive rate available in the industry.

For enquiries for Power-BI consulting or hiring a Power-BI visualization expert, please contact us or write to us :



TOLL FREE (866) 835-5544

79 West Monroe, Suite 1100

1627 Colonial Parkway, Suite 303

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Power-BI Consulting Chicago is a specialized BI Consulting company with expertise in Power-BI Solutioning and Delivery. Our service area is 50 mile radius of downtown Chicago and covers all suburbs around Chicago. We offer Flat Fee Business IT with 24×7 Coverage in our Managed IT Service Contracts and Time & Material contracts for customers who prefer that model.

Power-BI Consulting Chicago provides Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions for clients nationwide using the leading BI software – Power-BI. Power-BI Consulting Chicago’s experience with BI solution development helps us to evaluate your unique business requirement and build the right solution using Power-BI.

Among the new generation BI software, Power-BI’s data virtualization is way ahead of what traditional BI vendors offer. Power-BI gives business users the ability to perform fairly complex data visualization in a very intuitive, drag and drop manner. Its data visualization is also impressively interactive. The user can highlight sections and drilldown into charts without extensive skills or assistance from IT. If you want high powered data visualization at low cost, Power-BI is the solution that we recommend.